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Thread: 64-bit Debugger Assertion Failure lastErr == WSAEINTR

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James West

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Registered: 5/1/08
64-bit Debugger Assertion Failure lastErr == WSAEINTR
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  Posted: Oct 20, 2015 9:07 AM
There was something about this that was closed in QC#104007, however I wasn't able to find any particular cures listed, but I did manage to find a method of making the debugger work again. This was caused (on my system) by a particularly obnoxious piece of malware that piggyback installed itself. Even after removing the malware, there was still an additional piece of software in the winsock stack, which prevents the 64-bit debugger from starting up. the file LavasoftTcpService64.dll is supposedly perfectly reputable, however I have never installed ad-aware, so it has no business being on my computer. It cannot be easily removed, as doing so will give you wonderful fun with system restore and startup repair. (And on my system, any system restore points which didn't have lavasoft in them were dysfunctional).

However, windows does give a nice tool which can remove it and make your debugger work again.
Open a command prompt as Administrator, and run

netsh winsock reset
After rebooting, your 64-bit debugger should work again.

This will remove any other winsock LSPs that you have, so you will need to re-install them. (firewalls, security software, etc.)
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