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Thread: Issue passing tguid from client app to datasnap rest server

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J Kelly Wilkerson

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Issue passing tguid from client app to datasnap rest server  
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  Posted: Apr 20, 2017 1:32 PM
I have an existing database that uses GUIDs for keys. I have a DataSnap REST Server with queries that I have tested and return data using the Query Editor. I have the parameters set as Input and ftGUID for the key fields. When I create the Getx methods using a parameter of type TGUID, the methods don't get exposed in the Client Classes. When I create those methods to accept the key parameters as string, the Client Classes get generated and I can use them just fine. However, when I pass a string that represents the GUID to the REST method and attempt the convert the string to a GUID using StringToGUID to pass to the query, I receive an error stating that the GUID is invalid. I've tried everything I can think of to get this going, but no luck. I've tried to execute the REST method from the browser passing in the GUID as a string in the following formats: {4F2EF09E-83F7-47BD-8EAE-BBCCFF569463}, 4F2EF09E-83F7-47BD-8EAE-BBCCFF569463, '{4F2EF09E-83F7-47BD-8EAE-BBCCFF569463}', '4F2EF09E-83F7-47BD-8EAE-BBCCFF569463'. The first option just takes me back to the login screen and doesn't even attempt to give me a result. All of the other three formats return the GUID Invalid error.

Any input or help with this is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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