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Thread: date format for strftime with %c (format for current locale)

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John Baird

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Registered: 6/15/09
date format for strftime with %c (format for current locale)
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  Posted: May 24, 2017 2:01 AM
I've been experimenting with strftime using %c to format the date/time for the current locale. Oddly, it is formatting the date as 05/24/17 (mm/dd/yy) instead of 24/05/17 (dd/mm/yy). Windows function GetDateFormatEx correctly produces 24/5/2017 using either LOCALE_NAME_SYSTEM_DEFAULT or LOCALE_NAME_USER_DEFAULT as the first parameter. Checking "Control panel" -> "Region and Language", shows the format as "English (New Zealand)" and the example short date is given as 24/05/2017.

What am I missing here?

TIA, John
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