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Thread: Bluetooth: SPP or TBluetooth

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Robert Kondner

Posts: 59
Registered: 11/15/01
Bluetooth: SPP or TBluetooth
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  Posted: Jun 11, 2017 2:26 PM
I have an app using a barcode scanner. Serial port devices work perfect but I prefer wireless. (No wires!)

So I have a wireless Bluetooth scanner using SPP and a virtual COM port, works fine. Only problem is the scanner auto powers off and my app has no knowledge of this. When the scanner is powered back on the link is dead, no scans are received. If I close the app and reopen the port I get back the connection.

To work around this SPP link issues I looked at the TBluetooth components, seems rather complex and perhaps it is the wrong approach. Any Suggestions.

This is a WIn32 app, VCL. I have been using the CIA COM Port tools for years.

Any suggestions on how I might detect a failed incoming link? I tried sending chars to a scanner when powered off hoping to get exceptions. No exceptions there.

Any ideas? And what is that TBluetooth component used for? Would that have any application to using a simple serial device?

Bob Kondner
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