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Thread: ANN: X-DBGrid Component 6.6 and X-Files Components 6.6 rebuilded with RAD Studio 10.2.1 Tokyo!

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Krzysztof Szyszka

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Registered: 3/4/04
ANN: X-DBGrid Component 6.6 and X-Files Components 6.6 rebuilded with RAD Studio 10.2.1 Tokyo!
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  Posted: Aug 15, 2017 6:40 AM
Dear Developers,

I'm pleased to announce the new version of X-DBGrid Component 6.6 and X-Files Components 6.6!

What's new in version 6.6 ?

- New packages rebuilded with using RAD Studio 10.2.1 Tokyo!!!
- New XDBConsts.pas unit to add to a project and translate visible texts

- TXDBGrid can expand/collapse nested form for expandable data cells!!!
- New TXColumn.ExpandBox property shows expand/collapse icons in the column
- New TXColumn properties: ExpandBoxSize, ExpandBoxThemed, ExpandBoxToggle
- New TXColumn methods: ToggleExpandBox, IsExpandedBox, CellExpandPoint
- New TXDBGrid.OnCellExpand event to expand nested form for the cell
- TXDBGridDesign example has been updated to show the new functionality

- TXDBEditor and TXDBColumn can have also now an associated label!!!
- New TXDBEditor.EditorLabel property indicates the associated label
- New TXDBEditor.LabelPosition property specifies the position of the label
- New TXDBEditor.LabelSpacing property specifies the distance of the label
- New TXDBEditor.LabelVisible property specifies whether the label is shown

- Bug fixed: loAutoCloseEditor could cancel changes made to the editor
- Bug fixed: dgAutoUnselectOff could cause AV for closed DataSet
- Bug fixed: Fixed DropDownPoint for the multi-monitors desktop

To read more, please visit our website at:
You can also look at some screenshots at:
and download the new Trial version from:

You can also join to "Delphi X-DBGrid Component Community" at


Krzysztof Szyszka, X-Files Software
Developer of X-DBGrid Component
Embarcadero Technology Partner

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